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At Bowie Drive Animal Hospital we don’t just provide gold-standard veterinary medicine to every pet we see… we think differently. We reimagine all the ways a veterinary team can make a difference in your life. We care deeper, we look deeper, and we always put you and your pet first. Because here, you are family.

Make a Difference

Bowie Drive Animal Hospital provides the highest standard of care, tailored to each pet, while preventing and alleviating fear, stress and anxiety in pets by educating the humans who care for them. We maintain a calm, respectful and compassionate environment with exceptional service to our clients, as members of our local community in Weatherford, Texas.


We treat each pet as if they were our own family members; provide honest and ethical advice, treatment and care to every client every time. Bowie Drive Animal Hospital offers the best care for your pets in Weatherford, Texas.

Our Services


Regularly scheduled health evaluations combined with proper diet, exercise, and parasite control can greatly enhance your pet’s quality of life and overall life expectancy. Because medical problems in animals are usually not noticed by their owners unt …

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On average, your pet ages 7 years for every year you do. Because of this rapid aging, your pet should receive bi-annual examinations from Bowie Drive Animal Clinic in order to maintain optimum health. This is a great time for your doctor to take a real …

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Labrador Dog receives Vet check up - Visit Dr Rutherford at Bowie Drive Animal Hospital for your pets health
Trust Bowie Drive Animal Hospital / Dr Rutherford with your pets health

Spay & Neutering

Spaying (ovariohysterectomy) is the surgical removal of part of the female reproductive tract-the ovaries and uterus. Neutering (castration) usually refers to the surgical removal of both testicles of the male pet, although the term can actually refer …

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How Vaccines Work How Vaccines Work Vaccinations prevent disease by stimulating your pet’s immune system to produce antibodies that protect them from disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Each time a vaccination is repeated it reminds the immune system …

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Trust Bowie Drive Animal Hospital / Dr Rutherford with your pets vaccinations

Dental Care

Periodontal disease affects 70-80% of pets by 3 years of age. Bacteria present in plaque will lead to inflammation of the gums, bad breath, bleeding, bone loss, painful tooth abscessation and eventual tooth loss. Periodontal disease can also lead to mo …

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Our clinic offers boarding for both cats and dogs. Your pet will be loved and cared for while you are away. Our staff is dedicated to making sure your pet is as comfortable as possible during your absence. We offer day boarding as well as long term boa …

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